Saison sèche: Un festival de couleurs au Costa Rica

Alors que nous rentrons dans le coeur de la saison sèche, Guanacaste starts blooming. The unique dry forest of this versatile tropical area is now giving up the green. It could be a desert… It could be sad. But of course, as the whole country seems to be based on natural beauty, this drought episode brings us into a whole new world. A world of orange sunsets that will give to your vacations the right tint. A world of flowers, as the dead like trees will soon be covered with yellow or pink for the Cortes amarillo and Cortes negro. White for the Laurel, soon fire orange for the Malinche. This is also the best seaon to observe birds since they won’t be able to hide so much due to the lack of leafs. Blue geay, White Ibis, Pink Spatulas… and the blue ocean that will allow the surfers to glide. It is realy a festival of colors. You can be watching it all from your hamoc in Los Nancites, or let us guide you trhough different activities such as hikes, horseback ride or mangrove exploration. We know for real that traveling the world is one of the best experiences when you end up discovering magical places. The feeling we had when we opened our lodge, is just like sharing a good meal with friends. Let them taste a bit of your cuisine and enjoy what makes you feel home. This is Pura Vida…

arbre costa rica
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