Welcome to your vacation rental.

This is an « Airbnb type » house, or “Vacation rental”.

This type of rentals brings independence and as much privacy as possible.

We provide SOME services BUT we are not a hotel.

We do not provide a 24/7 reception or assistance.

You are responsible for the maintenance of this house.

We provide a functional and comfortable, clean and equipped house.

This house comes equipped for a short stay.

If you are staying longer, you are responsible for the refills (toilet paper, garbage bags etc) you will find all that is needed in the grocery store 100m from our entrance gate.

In the event of a breakdown or necessary repair, we will do our best to intervene as quickly as possible.

The rest is yours to take care of, unless you require additional services which we can provide through our agency : YOUCOME : www.youcome-costarica.com