Our ethics

Our strong beliefs? Nothing new!

There’s plenty of talk about protecting the environment. Some say tourism is an evil; others act symbolically by donating a tiny part of their profits to global NGOs…

At Los Nancites, we support concrete action. Environmental labels, badges of honor or certificates of good conduct will never supersede the importance of acting every day and obtaining measurable results in the field of biodiversity.

Well before we decided to build our eco-villas in Los Nancites, we were actively involved in nature protection movements elsewhere, and have devoted much time and energy to the cause since the late 1980s. So our decision to move to Costa Rica, a nation that respects its environment, was no coincidence.

We dedicate our ongoing efforts to the reforestation of our property and actively work with our neighbors to involve them as much as possible. Every tree we plant is a new source of food and natural protection for many creatures.

We organize regular fundraising initiatives for the benefit of local NGOs who play an active part in protecting our fauna and flora.

All of us, together, have a very real local impact that makes a difference: more diversity, more wildlife… And we believe our experience can serve to inspire other families.

Tourism and the Environment

On the issue of tourism, we believe things are radically different from one destination to another. Your impact is not the same when you select a nation where nature is protected or one that destroys wilderness to build sprawling resorts.

By choosing Costa Rica, you are helping to steer the nation’s economy towards the preservation of nature. With natural parks now covering 25% of its territory, Costa Rica can rightly claim to have extensively reforested the land and made an economic shift driven by positive environmental values.

The situation is far from perfect, of course, but Costa Rica has managed to increase its forest cover from 20% in 1987 to almost 55% in 2021! This incredible performance is partly due to the tourist sector, but also to aggressive public policies and incentives.

Your visit to Costa Rica indirectly helps the nation to engage in the protection of its ecosystems. All tourism is not the same, and choosing to visit a country that takes pride in protecting the natural environment helps to set a powerful example that could well inspire many other nations.

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