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8 eco-villas set in lush gardens

Ideally located just under a mile from Playa Negra – a delightful little beach in the Province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Los Nancites welcomes you in the heart of the dry tropical forest between Nosara and Tamarindo.

The area remains largely untouched by the tourist trail and offers plenty of opportunities to observe its abundant tropical wildlife. Of particular interest are howler monkeys and a multitude of tropical birds (more than 200 species officially recorded in the area).

Our private grounds extend over several dozens of acres, with just six mini-villas and two private independent villas, all nestled in the heart of lush gardens.
This is a quiet place, where you can live in permanent contact with nature and fully enjoy a preserved living space.
We have reforested the site, where many animal species have now made their home, offering the opportunity to observe howler monkeys and tropical birds directly from your patio.

Our Rentals: comfortable eco-villas suited to every style of vacation for families, couples or groups of friends

Autonomy and well-being, proximity to nature and comfort: our eco-villas are designed to offer maximum privacy and independence. They are all equipped with kitchens, Wi-Fi, covered and furnished patios, swimming pool and air conditioning.

And there’s more: if that’s what you want, we can also build a fully bespoke touring program for you

During your stay, you can be sure we’ll be sharing a few well-kept secrets, to help you understand just why we fell in love with this little piece of paradise.
A few artists and nature lovers have already made the region their home: to them, the draw is the special atmosphere of Playa Negra and the small community that populates the surrounding area… A kind of preserved haven reminiscent of what Costa Rica looked like a few years back.

In parallel to your stay, we offer a variety of services ranging from a simple car rental to a fully bespoke tour.