Further Afield

Here come the turtles!

A beach where turtles come to lay their eggs by the thousands, and sometimes hatch quietly in corners of a deserted cove… we’ll share the right info with you to help you observe this spectacular aspect of the local wildlife.

Crocodiles and migratory birds

Why not try a boat trip up the Tempisque River to spot crocodiles, white-faced monkeys and flamingos. A true photo safari in a preserved environment, a genuine sanctuary, typical of rural Costa Rica.

Explore the North and South coasts

How about hitting the dirt track to discover unexplored beaches?
There’s enough to keep you busy for two full days: discover the little secrets we don’t share on the web, some to the north and others to the south. Our excursions follow seldom-trodden paths leading to remote corners of paradise, typical restaurants and unforgettable viewpoints.
Picture-perfect beaches that you won’t find described in run-of-the-mill guidebooks.

Volcanoes, fumaroles and waterfalls

Take a day-long hike to discover a secluded waterfall. Depart by car early in the morning to reach the national park when it opens and hike around the slopes of a volcano.

Snorkeling and scuba diving

During your stay, the most sheltered beaches will allow you to discover the seabed and rich underwater life with just a mask and fins.
You can also take the experience further with a scuba dive or baptism.