Hanging bridges canopy and volcanoes in Costa Rica

Hanging bridges canopy and volcanoes in Costa Rica

Rubbing shoulders with tropical tree tops has become possible during your vacation in Costa Rica thanks to the hanging bridges.
Sometimes located several tens of meters above the ground, they offer unique views of the canopy, that is to say the upper level of tropical forests in contact with the sun’s rays.
In these ecosystems which are usually inaccessible, taking the height allows you to discover lush vegetation and more…
Sometimes a more or less intense mist covers the courses, giving the impression of venturing through a forest of clouds.
Gaining height while making little noise also allows you to observe many animals from the local ecosystems. They find their inhabitat in the tropical forest: monkeys, reptiles, birds, insects.

Several options

Walking these hanging bridges is a popular activity here in Costa Rica, you can find several parks where you can experience the forest from this interesting perspective. Depending on the route and the type of stay, you can choose one or the other of these parks. Of course, the experienced advice of those familiar with Costa Rica will help you choose, depending on the type of treveler you are ant the time you dedicate to certain areas of the country..

The surroundings of the Arenal volcano or in the Monteverde Biological Reserve for example about 4 hours drive from our basecamp in Playa Negra.

There are also many other interesting activities all over this beautiful country, all more or less related to nature and the observation of ecosystems.

Monteverde park

Monteverde is an important and strategic location and tourist center of Costa Rica, nested in the province of Puntarenas, neighboring Guanacaste. It is one of the most visited places in Costa Rica. This is because of the special vibe and specific cloudforest there : you are literally in a forest in the clouds. You don’t really know where you are anymore, in the midst of thick and untouched nature.

The Arenal volcano

From Los Nancites in Guanacaste, it will be useful for you to check with Caroline and Sylvain to find out what will be the best route to get to the Arenal Volcano.

Known for its near-perfect conical shape, Arenal Volcano is also one of Costa Rica’s most active volcanoes. Besides, this is the reason why it is not possible to climb it! At an altitude of 1720 m, the volcano overlooks the small town of La Fortuna, located in the northwest of Costa Rica, in the west of the province of Alajuela, not far from the border with the province of Guanacaste and about 90 kilometers from the capital San José.
Part of the Tilarán Cordillera, it is surrounded by the Central Cordillera to the south, and the artificial Arenal lake to the west.

Arenal Volcano National Park

The park has a very diverse flora and fauna: tropical rainforest and mountainous tropical forest.

You will find: guava bush, ceiba, ficus, various species of palms, orchids, ferns including endemic species such as Pitcairnia funkiae.

The fauna that inhabits these forests is mainly the tapir, the coati, the sloth, the deer, and many reptiles such as the boa.

especially birdwatchers love this area because birds are very numerous and varied as the parrots, the Parakeet Finsh or Conur Azteca, hummingbirds, the kite Cayenne, hawks, the Laughing Falcon laughing and many other species.

There are not only for nature lovers, indeed around the Arenal Volcano, there are many activities to do. Between waterfalls, lake, hot springs, there is no time to be bored!

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