Easter Week 2023: Costa Rica dances to the rhythm of processions


Easter, the second Christian feast after Christmas, celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus. From Palm Sunday to Easter Monday, Costa Rica, largely Catholic, devoutly but joyfully follows the last days of the messiah. The last part of Lent; Holy Week commemorates the Passion of Christ. Many processions represent the protagonists: Jesus, but also the […]

Christmas in Costa Rica: holiday season with sunshine

Christmas accessories on white beach. Xmas travel vacation and travel cuprise concept. Beach

December in Guanacaste, the dry season is in full swing, the weather is ideal. Carnivals, multicoloured parades, Christmas market, nativity scenes and typical New Year’s Eve menus follow one another, but are not alike. In this predominantly Catholic country, residents mix the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ with Native American culture for the […]

Costa Rican Natives Open Doors to South America

Canoe on the River Bank in Costa Rica

South America rhymes with Inca, Mayan, and other Aztec civilizations. Costa Rica is home for many aborigine people whose traditions endure. Discovering the indigenous population is to caress the very heart of a country, to understand its origins, to perceive its wealth. Bribis, Cabecares, Borucas, Guyamie, Malekus, Chorotegas or Huertas bear witness to the fervor […]