Guaitil pottery sculpts the Amerindian soul

Costa Rica, Nicoya peninsula, Guanacaste province. Listen! In the village of Guaitil, only the light, wind, and the smell of clay attract your attention. However, the heart of the village beats to the rhythm of the potters’ towers. The art of terracotta, ancestral, cultural and deeply inscribed in the DNA of the chorotega people, cradles […]

Yoga in Costa Rica | For the Love and Future of Nature

In a world subjected to an unbridled rhythm and various crises, yoga offers a calming response. Meaning union in Sanskrit, this practice aims to release accumulated tensions. Finding balance between body and mind brings well-being and self-awareness. Costa Rican biodiversity offers an ideal setting to go further and blend in with nature. Active yoga consists […]

Costa Rica | Approaching Howler Monkeys in their Natural Environment

Imagine. The day rises between Nosara and Tamarindo. Costa Rica is waking up around you. The green of nature is mixed with the blue of the sky and the rays of the sun. In the rainforest, nocturnal animals quietly give way to monkeys and other diurnal species. Listen to the screechings, cracking and cackles. Maybe […]

Abolition of the Costa Rican Army, a world first !

Costa Rica celebrates the 1948 decision to abolish its military every year. By then, a civil war and electoral fraud had led to the overthrow of power by José Ferrer, also known as “don Pepe“. He proclaims democracy and also the abolition of the army. Costa Rica accepts this choice despite a certain political instability […]

10 tricks for a different Costa Rican trip

Costa Rica arouses a lot of comments and one could quickly imagine that this destination is a victim of its success. This country has built its notoriety on verifiable and verified elements, however the desire to discover unspoiled nature does not always agree with tourist success which sometimes implies fatal overpopulation for ecosystems. How to […]

Hanging bridges canopy and volcanoes in Costa Rica

Rubbing shoulders with tropical tree tops has become possible during your vacation in Costa Rica thanks to the hanging bridges.Sometimes located several tens of meters above the ground, they offer unique views of the canopy, that is to say the upper level of tropical forests in contact with the sun’s rays.In these ecosystems which are […]

The 2 best seasons for a Costa rican getaway

When planning your trip, the main question arises as to the best season for this small Central American country. First of all, you have to know that there are many local climates in this country so no need to look at the general weather, it will not give you much information.It often happens that the […]